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Generate embedded video in email experiences for increased customer engagement, over 60%

Experience the next generation of email communication

Our digital marketing communication technology drives ROI and enhances the story-telling process by increasing engagement, click-through and conversion rates upwards of +60%, over the standard open rates of 10-12%.

The EyeMail technology is changing the way organizations and departments connect with Employees & Customers in a more personalized “Human-Centric” way.

  • Engaging and responsive
  • Delivers content at 4-15K in size
  • Generates 5-8 times higher click-thru rates


EyeMail brings email to life and transforms traditional email communications into a compelling & memorable experience designed to capture attention, engage viewers and generate an immediate call to action.

Design Your Experience
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Create your own EyeMail experiences on our Do it Yourself (DIY) Saas Platform.

Why EyeMail

View how we are advancing customer engagement via electronic communications.



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